Lockdown II The Covid-19 lockdown was extended everywhere, so I decided to make my own little “extended play” album. Like “The Lockdown Sessions”, it is a return to the punk roots – but this one might be considered a little more hardcore-influenced…

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The Lockdown Sessions Thanks to COVID-19, I go back to my punk roots.
Recorded & mixed in my living room, featuring guest guitarists Mathias Balac and Stefan Massinger.  

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The first solo album. In keeping with the DIY ethos of the album, physical copies will be sent out by hand. 

Available on Amazon & iTunes

CD: €12 (+Postage/Packaging: AT – €2, EU – €2,50, WORLD – €3,00) 

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Take a listen:

  1. 10 Years Dylan Whiting 0:30
  2. I Don't Mind Dylan Whiting 0:30
  3. Waiting Dylan Whiting 0:30
  4. Moral Victory Dylan Whiting 0:30
  5. Life Well Dylan Whiting 0:30
  6. Sweet Surrender Dylan Whiting 0:30
  7. Age of Fear Dylan Whiting 0:30
  8. The City Dylan Whiting 0:30
  9. Katie and Joey Dylan Whiting 0:30
  10. Valley Bottom Fever Dylan Whiting 0:30
  11. 40000 Things Dylan Whiting 0:29

Schneida (2013-?)

Johannes Girmindl – Guitar, Vox
Othmar Loschy – Harmonica, Vox
Dylan Whiting – Guitar, Vox

For more information, check out (in German).

Tecoma Gas (2007-2017)

Dylan Whiting – Guitar, Vox
Kurt Toncar – Bass, Vox
Mathias Balac – Lead Guitar
Armin Weissensteiner – Drums

Take a listen to the Tecoma Gas demo albums below:

  1. Fattening Up Tecoma Gas 4:25
  2. Good Folks Tecoma Gas 4:12
  3. Out On A Wire Tecoma Gas 4:43
  4. Cant Get It Right Tecoma Gas 5:40
  5. Interesting Times Tecoma Gas 4:45
  6. No Matter Where You Go Tecoma Gas 4:12
  7. Take It Back Tecoma Gas 3:19

Produced by Mathias Balac

All songs written by Dylan Whiting, Kurt Toncar, Mathias Balac & Armin Weissensteiner

  1. 01 Nothing Left
  2. 02 Don_t Know
  3. 03 What I Want
  4. 04 Storm
  5. 05 The Night That Never Happened
  6. 06 Where Have You Been
  7. 07 What I Want - Sam Whiting Remix

Produced by Herbert Huetter

All songs written by Dylan Whiting, Kurt Toncar, Mathias Balac & Armin Weissensteiner except “The Night That Never Happened”, written by The Next