A (very small) selection of videos produced over the last 15 years or so.




Abraham, Wonderful Tonight – 2015

Music video for the band “Abraham”, shot at Vienna’s Local Bar.

Camera: Canon 5D, Canon 60D, Sony Z1 Music: Abraham




Pixelcoma Fireshoot – 2014

The “making of” of a photoshoot with and the fire artist Mila Justalone.

Camera: Canon 60D Music: Dylan Whiting



Eclipse – 2011

A short mood piece on the solar eclipse, shot from the top of an old bomb shelter in Vienna.

Camera: Sony Z1  Music:



Four X, Johnny – 2005

Music video for the band Four X, shot live in a three camera set-up in the old Planet Music.

Cameras: 2 Sony PD170, 1 Sony VX-700 Edited on: Final Cut Pro Music: Four X



Graveyard – 2003

A short film shot in an old graveyard in Rome, a moment in life told through song lyrics.

Camera: Sony VX-700 Edited on: Adobe Premiere Music: BMG Production Music